Welcome to the Technology Lab!

Google Classroom codes for the second nine weeks are now available! If you are at home for any reason, be sure to join the appropriate classroom using the corresponding code below. We will begin completing assignments in the Google Classroom right away, so be sure to stay on track with us if you cannot be in class!

6th Grade
1st Period Google Classroom Code:     ay7r6np
2nd Period Google Classroom Code:     cvj4g6d
7th Grade
3rd Period Google Classroom Code:    aideynh
4th Period Google Classroom Code:    gnc7xbn
8th Grade
5th Period Google Classroom Code:   fhgswvg
6th Period Google Classroom Code:   6a2md7z

Daily Schedule:

1st Period - 6th Grade 7:35 - 8:27
2nd Period - 6th Grade

8:27 - 9:19


9:19 - 9:55

3rd Period - 7th Grade

9:55 - 10:47

4th Period - 7th Grade

10:47 - 11:39

Planning/Lunch 11:39 - 12:45
5th Period - 8th Grade 12:45 - 1:37
6th Period - 8th Grade 1:37 - 2:30