Welcome to Mr. Johns 8th grade physical science 2023/2024
Communication with parents and students will be through email, remind, and google classroom.
Office hours 5th and 6th period
To sign up for my remind-
text 81010 then message for your specific class
1st period:    @johnsps101
2nd period:   @johnsps102
3rd period:    @johnsps103
4th period:    @johnsps104
Google Classroom Codes
1st Period: ifcics3
2nd Period: bxm5e5a
3rd Period: zpo74tg 
4th Period: bwpvgks
Grading Policy:
Nine weeks:  
60% tests
40% classwork
Reassessment policy:  A student may reassess over a summative by completing the required reassessment contract.  NOTE:  The maximum grade on a reassessment is 90%.  
First semester:  80%
Semester Exam 20%
Second Semester: 80%
Semester Exam 20%
Progress reports will be every 4 and 1/2 weeks.