Suggested Run Times & Field Distances

The suggested times listed below are based on the competitive times from our last county meet. These times were run by middle school track and field athletes within Columbia County. The times below are minimum times. 
This is just a guideline as to what we as track coaches will be looking at during tryouts.
Field Events
Long Jump
  • Boys: 16' minimum
  • Girls: 12' minimum
Shot Put
  • Boys: 32' minimum
  • Girls: 25' minimum
  • Boys: 98' minimum
  • Girls: 65' minimum
Track Events
3200M (2 miles)
Boys: 13:30 min.
Girls: 15:00 min.
1600M (1 mile)
Boys: 5:30 min. 
Girls: 6:30 min.
Boys: 1:00 min. 
Girls: 1:08 min. 
Boys: 12.30 sec.
Girls: 13.75 sec.
Boys: 2:30 min.
Girls: 2:50 min.
Boys: 27.0 sec.
Girls: 29.0 sec.