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Fall House Party

The first house party will be held on November 10th from 3-5pm. There will be concessions, house color items and tickets for carnival games available for purchase.

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Congratulations Dr. Patty McDonald, 2020-2021 RMS Teacher of the Year!

Ladies and Gentlemen, drumroll, please........
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Riverside Middle School’s 2019-2020
Teacher of the Year is Dr. Patty McDonald!

Dr. McDonald is a self-contained special needs teacher for grades 6-8 here at Riverside Middle School.

When asked why she loves what she does, Dr. McDonald said, “Children with special needs are simply amazing. Each of my students bring a unique and dynamic perspective of this world into my classroom, and I am committed to appreciating and validating each one. Each of my students has immeasurable gifts and abilities that we work together to maximize and celebrate. In this way, my students push me to challenge my own limitations and understandings of the world by challenging me to see and understand things differently. We work together to build compassion and tolerance, and we learn together what that means. My students hold me accountable to be the best version of me every day, and I love that they bring out my best. Each of my children are so unique and beautiful in his/her own way, and I love discovering who they are as individuals and watching them evolve into independent and confident young adults. While many in this world have to go to work each day, I am honored that I get to go to work each day.”

We are so thankful for Dr. McDonald’s contribution to our Eagle family, and on behalf of every Eagle in our nest, congratulations on being named Riverside Middle School’s 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year!
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